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Cassio- from Shakespeare's 'Othello'
"O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to
steal away their brains!"
(tho' 'enemy' being a reference to alcohol, nicotine could certainly be an appropriate substitute)

John Pierpont Morgan
"The wise man bridges the gap by laying out the path by means of which he can get from where he is, to where he wants to go."




I quit using nicotine forever on July 7, 2006 after 39 years of slavery.image

imageThank God I Am Free! image 

My Yuku Journal -

(My first Diary from MSN)

Your Butt May Kill - Randy White's Story-

Did You Know?

1) Share printable cards. Click to read>

I use thicker coloured printer paper and print/cutout/distribute/keep in purse and car and pray for future freedomites.

2) Fires happen -Ignite your quit! Not your home! Click to read>

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    Way back in the day, you gave me something to believe in.... forgive me If I didn't fully believe you that things would normalize and even out because nicotine had a pretty good grip on me. But here we are counting the years, not days on our quits. Thanks for carrying the torch that lit the path ahead Wendy. Without you and many others traveling the same path, who knows what would have happened...

    Hope all is well with you and Randy. I know your still healing your parts and moving forward with life as it should be. I'll never forget what we went through and am forever greatful you were there.

    Your friend. Shane

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    Thanks Chipits, your encouragement is appreciated. :-) Listen, as I suspected might happen, I got kicked off Freedom (posting privileges revoked) because I dared to complain to the managers who deleted a post I wrote which I could not comprehend how it broke a rule (and (I also went so far as to say if that's really a rule, IMO it's stupid). Hey, well, if I could speak my mind as a smoker, I can keep on speaking my mind an EX-smoker too! :-) Anyway, because as a non-poster I can no longer access my online quit smoking journal I asked them to please take it down. Could you do me a favor and check the forum and see if they did it? Thanks for everything, and Qapla!
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    Wendy, thank you for letting us hear about you and Randy's journey. You make the hair stand up all over me. Being a surgical nurse for so many years I helped with all those cases he has had and I am so sorry that it has happened to you both. My cousin, Randy (52) had a stroke (entire left side) due to brain metastasis from the kidney they removed. He now lies in his bed after chemo, so sad looking, he was a hunk of a man. Six foot 1 and 200 pounds of muscle. He is skin and bones today. He has no appetite. My family and his Mom and Dad and a private strong male sitter help him be able to stay at home. He knows what is going on completely so far. He still has one daughter in high school. He was a dipper for over 30 years. It is very sad to see his body waste away. I do not believe he has long to live.
    Thank you for your strength and inspiration and writing in my journal. It means so very much to me.
    God bless you and Randy and you will both be in my prayers, I promise.
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    Because she is so strong she deserves all the kudos!
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    Hello, Wendy. How are you and Randy these days? I love seeing you in the posts, you have such wisdom. Thank you for writing in my journal. I am doing good. My cousin, Randy, cancer metastasized to brain, had stroke, has brain surgery, is still in in-patient rehab for his stroke/cancer. I am not sure if he will even come home. We had roping/silent auction for him and made over 40 gran to help him out. Has not worked now for 8 months. Has 2 girls in high school.
    Anyhow, I appreciate you. Let us here how Randy is doing.
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    Hey glad to see you made it. I am amazed you found your first post I can find it on the old freedom site but not here yet..... Nothing is impossible after all we quit nicotine we can do anything. Nice to see old faces (your looking a bit furry LOL... I have wondered for years what we all looked like. Once I get a bit more into it maybe I will start an "06 reunion thread and see how many of us look anything like the picture in my head.

    See you around.
    2 Years, 11 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days, 5 hours and 41 minutes a.k.a. 1,091 days. Life is amazing now that there is not smoke in my way.

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    image Hey qs good to see some fimiliar "faces" here at our new home.....
    Say how did you do all this stuff????
    I grew up with electric typwriters you know and DOS came later!!!!!!
    I think I signed up as new person??? As I don't see diary/journal or any old posts.....hey maybe thats a good thing....I guess we'll all learn as we go...but, any help for getting around and doing on this site from you OLDBIES would be appreciated....



    Reply from Chipits GOLD:

    Hi Star,
    Yes, great to see familiar 'faces' here! Quite the task undertaken to move and set up all that is necessary. Kudos to the managers of whyquit and yuku. When you log in, then click on your name at the top. From there you can click on 'navigation' or 'getting started' in the upper right. There are a number of options to personalize your profile. The background or skins have numerous choices. Still lots for me to learn, such as how to easily link posts without losing the reply screen etc. etc. Ah yes, I too remember the old typewriters with the noisy keys and carriage return. Kinda gives N-TAP a double meaning if we were having to correspond with the technology of that day. image Maybe there is a quicker way, but to find your diary after logging in on the main Freedom page, put in your screen name in the blank white area at the top right and then to the right of that, click on search forums and then on the next screen, access the 'Ist post-diary forum' in the drop down menu. Your initial post and diary is at the bottom of the page. (or here it is for you>>> I like this search feature as we are able to find another's posts for reference, support and familiarity. Only one rule in this new home at yuku......Never Take Another Puff/Dip/Chew.
    Your QS,